Synchronicity is an event that speaks to you… and only you.

In life, there are (at least) two “conversations“: there is the life we lead at home with family and friends, at work with colleagues, etc. Everyday life. This is what we will call the first conversation.

The other conversation is our inner dialogue. An intimate conversation within ourself that we do not reveal to others. Our thoughts, our dreams (awake or asleep), the framework of our inner discourse. That part of us that is in touch with our Higher Self (the universe, God or any other name you choose to call it). It is the whole, unabridged, uncensored version of our Self. The second conversation takes place in those moments that I call our “in-between” moments. Those moments in time between point A and point B, like when the alarm clock has chimed but the body has not yet responded; frozen moments in wait, in reflection. Stroking the cat, listening to music, watching the clouds pass by or the raindrops splashing on the windowpane, reading a good book, sipping coffee alone in a café… those moments. 

We are constantly crossing the bridge between one reality (outer) and the other (inner) – going from conversation to the other.

Here is where synchronistic moments occur. They are manifestations of our inner world reaching out to the exterior material world: a connection of sorts between our two worlds. Proof positive that our inner musings are not futile or meaningless, that we are not “alone”.

Synchronistic moments are often an indicator, a clue given to our material self (Ego) by our Higher Self. They validate, or repudiate, a given direction in our daily material life. Somewhat comparable to the inukshuks used by the Inuit to pass along valuable information to the next traveler to come upon it, they indicate the right or wrong way, where to find food and other resources. Synchronicity is a message that is apparent in our material world but originates in our inner world. It is in other words, a message from our higher self to our material self.

It offers proof that time is not linear. It’s as if a part of us already knows what is coming and is helping us make choices. We are always free agents, but the more we are aware of these messages, the more we listen to them, the more we will come to realize that they facilitate the way, sometimes helping us avoid sticky situations. There is no wrong way – all roads lead to Rome. But some roads are faster and less bumpy. But that is whole other subject that we will address later. Let’s get back to synchronicity.

A synchronistic event is personal.  For example, say you have the feeling of experiencing synchronicity and you share it with someone close; as real as it appears to you, it will seem to them void of any meaning, or at best, a mere coincidence. That’s normal, this event belongs to you and speaks exclusively to you. What matters is to trust these moments and acknowledge that the feelings they provoke are special and real. It’s also normal that, when we try to explain it to others, they express little interest. It’s like when you leave yourself a post-it note on your computer screen at work to remind yourself of something to do the next day; a colleague will not necessarily know what it means … Your note is a message needed for precise moment in a particular situation. If you yourself were to read it a year later, it may no longer make sense. A synchronistic event is short-lived, lasting for a specific moment in real time.

It is important not to reject these events or to treat them trivially. They matter.

Allow me to share one of my synchronistic events: I am sitting in the living room with my laptop. I’ve just discovered the New Horizon Holistic Center website and think to myself that I should mention it in my blog. I also think that I should reach out to them in the hopes of expanding my network if they like what I do. In that exact moment, my gaze drops down to my coffee table, an old wooden apple crate with a name stamped on the side: VERGER DES HORIZONS (French for Horizon Orchards) … I had to smile. It was as if the Universe was winking at me; a prime example of a synchronistic moment.

So, I mentioned them in my blog and contacted them soon after… less than 12 hours later, they responded in a positive manner.

The more we are in tune to these moments, the more they will manifest. Almost like magical moments. That is what they will feel like as they are noticed and taken in account. But this is not magic. They are like breadcrumbs your Higher Self scatters for your material self on the path toward truth to indicate what is good, or not, for you at this moment in time.

Be on the lookout…

The Seekers


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