Let’s start where we left off last time: science can’t fully answer how life appeared on Earth, nor can it confirm that there is life elsewhere in the Universe. Despite massive amounts of time, effort and money invested, there is still no concrete or even reasonable evidence.

One thing I know for sure: if you can’t find what you are searching for, you’re probably not looking in the right spot. (My better half could right an entire thesis on that theory :))

So, if we can’t find the answers to who we are looking outward, maybe we should look inward.

Inner space, inner self.

What is it? A vast and mysterious place… We know that we are more than a physical being. A body alone cannot think and put thoughts into action, living, nurturing children and family, working, imagining, etc. So, back to square one: Who and what are we?

The question has been asked time and time again, we could catalogue through all the schools of thoughts defined by great men and women… but no, let’s keep it simple. Let’s just listen to our inner self and see what we can find.

When was the last time you listened to your heartbeat?

Get up, shower, go to work, return home, make supper, eat, take care of kids and pets, veg in front of the TV, off to bed… set and repeat five times.



Try to notice all of your senses at once.


Sitting in silence, concentrating on our breathing and on our heartbeat, feeling our body, aware of our surroundings, we can feel the essence of our inner self. We are present, thinking, feeling.

It takes time to attain this state of consciousness, of awareness (minutes, months, years), but this presence is inimitable. Pure presence cancels out ego. Presence sees, feels, listens. Ego, self-absorbed, sees, feels and listens – to itself. Social media is a perfect reflection of ego. Presence receives, absorbs. Silent, it is perfectly adapted to being in tune with its surroundings and inner thoughts. Sensing life, absence of time, material reality: the now.

Ego speaks out, judges, analyses, likes, loves, rejects, accepts, consents, denies, rejoices, abstains, loses hope…

Presence just is.

Both concepts are found within us. They are essential to entering a third dimension. They mirror the duality in which we are born. Neither good nor bad, they work symbiotically to create a bridge, a passage.

Let’s call this passage a connection.

My personal revelation for 2018 is such: one thing matters above all else, keeping the connection. The passage from our everyday self to our higher self needs to stay clear and open. Our two states need to be in constant communication.

Our higher self needs to access our egocentric regular self. With this connection, all is possible. It’s not magic, it’s reality. Our higher self can teach us everything from how to make the cat swallow a pill to how to attain our goals in life.

I’ve spent years questioning myself as well as friends, lovers, books and every kind of therapist under the sun: Why am I here? What is my purpose? Do I have a mission?
I was terrified of not getting it, of wasting my time, wasting my life.

Thanks to some introspective changes (I now meditate for 20 minutes in the morning), I found my answer early in 2018: my connection. That’s all that matters. Always. Keeping that connection, keeping a clear and open passageway. We just need to listen, hear and follow its direction.

And then? Applying what is learned from this guide, this higher self – call it what you will – to our daily life. All it takes is a bit of courage to transform thought into reality. The effect might not be immediate, but it matters to take notice and act quickly. Giving swift concrete expression to information received allows it to be processed promptly and these stepping stones will then allow us to get to were we truly want to be.

Nothing worth having happens easily, but with some effort, integrity and courage, it all comes together.
It’s not magic, it’s mechanics. Like a car that needs fuel to start and go from point A to point B. That’s what the connection does: it opens the way to receive and advance. We just haven’t developed that intimacy within ourself to listen, feel and hear. No need to search far and wide, in fact, no need to search at all. We just need to live in the moment and make time and space for this presence, this bond. Lift the clouds from hiding the sun’s rays.

Here is what I’ve put front and center to keep this connection:

  • The certainty that my true path is to stay connected. It’s what matters most in my life. Everything else is a product of that connection. Without it, I’m lost and look for myself in all the wrong places ;-)).
  • Morning meditation at least three times a week. Sitting in silence for 20 to 25 minutes (this can prove to be surprisingly difficult at first, even causing pain and nausea, but don’t give up). It will bring forth an avalanche of thoughts and feelings demanding attention, ignore these and pull back to your body, your breathing and your heartbeat; these are the tools, the points of reference that show us the way. With perseverance, the connection will keep get stronger and clearer. Much like water lapping on rocks day after day, as strong as the rocks are, they are eventually shaped by this gentle repetitive motion.
  • Maintaining a state of inner awareness throughout the day. Letting go in moments of stress, 150 times a minute if necessary. Keeping things in perspective. Serenity and inner joy are what matter, the choice is always up to me.
  • Yoga, once or twice a week.
  • Nature walk, at least once a week.
  • Morning stretches, 5 to 10 minutes at least 3 to 4 days a week
  • Kindness, toward others and to myself. (This one is my biggest challenge ;))

Here are some links that can help staying on track on a daily basis:

What’s next…
After establishing a connection, we will move on to synchronicity (the subject of my next paper as decided by my higher self 😉 ).

Later, Seekers.

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