Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by all the different realities coexisting on Earth. The differences and sheer numbers are staggering. Just look at one city: we meet and see rich people, homeless people, simple-minded people, geniuses, tired people, vibrant people, dead people… All these realities coexist in a same time-space but are completely different from each other. All of these stories passing each other unknowingly on the sidewalks of our streets ignite my imagination.

I would love to travel from one reality to the other to see for myself, that no matter what the circumstances, the life force that springs forth in each of us is the same.

Speaking of time, imagine this: your are sitting in a room facing a version of yourself 25 years younger (this scenario won’t work with anyone under 26 😉

What would you think of this other you? What would you say to your younger self? I know that I would nostalgically caress my smooth, wrinkle-free face.   

All kidding aside, what advice would you give yourself? “This will happen to you, do not have this reaction, it would be a mistake…” But any advice would cause you to disappear from the room. Our choices, our victories, our mistakes, our fears, our moments of courage all make up who we are today. Are there only mistakes? Isn’t life one big symphony in which we each play an instrument?

If Edison and Tesla hadn’t feuded in 1884, would we now be using alternating current electricity? Is there only one road? Is freedom of choice an illusion? Or is each choice made today a building block for tomorrow’s reality? Such unanswered musings join those questioning eggs and chickens.

And what if our roads multiply, at each fork in the road a new version of our self is born somewhere in the Universe, a self that has made a different choice?

I love this definition I found on the Web:

a noun
Indefinite continuity, the environment in which the succession of events and phenomena takes place, changes
movements, and their representation in consciousness.”

An environment where the succession of events takes place… An environment, a centre. A moment. This moment.
Now. There is nothing else. Simply being there, present, becomes vast and broad. All is here.

The Seekers

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