We all need to feel loved. That need can manifest itself in different ways – a need for attention, a need for validation, pride, the fear of being judged, etc.

We were once pure love.

Life, the dual reality in which we live has taught us want and fear. Those moments form our personality, our ego; that part of us that needs to be loved, respected, acknowledged… it all requires vast effort and energy. To do better, to be better, to be proud, to aspire, to want more – just writing it is exhausting.

These needs are very present and valued in today’s society. They are in large part responsible for the overwhelming fear of growing old and losing control.

It is in fact so overwhelming that we lose sight of the fact that it all boils down to needing to feel love.

This thought is compelling. This morning, as I was looking up at the sky, I had a realization, an epiphany. We just need to love.

When we love, we are one. There is no more duality. We become pure attention. There is no judgment. There is no “I”. There is only unity. Love is always possible, we just need to be reminded of its presence.

Like a ladder down a well.

The Seekers

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