This week, I’ve been preoccupied by a campaign against over-packaging taken on by an environmental protection agency. This is only the starting point leading to deeper musings and not meant as criticism of said campaign. It was the perfect segue to bring me to my favourite subject: humans. This worthwhile campaign points the finger at commercial product over-packaging. The first email I received about this campaign was about a water bottling company and if memory serves, this is were I got irritated. Not by the campaign but by the lack solutions. I see here two major issues:

1- How can the bottler package 8 bottles other than with plastic? At what cost? Any new packaging will likely incur extra costs passed along to consumers and as all know, we consumers are always on the lookout for the best deal which means that we will switch brands to get a better price.

2- Bottling companies want to make more money and are always looking for ways not only to increase sales but also to cut production costs. These problems all stem from the same place: human values are messed up. Humans, life, these are not priorities. Unbelievable.

Any intelligent being, removed from the situation would look at this and be baffled. We don’t matter, profits matter. Who decided this? Why? What about life, air, water, the things we need to live?

These are the issues that drain the planet and its inhabitants that care. The problem is that those who care are pacifists that dislike violence, confrontation and war. History has shown that radical changes often result from conflict or catastrophe.

Pointing fingers does not solve anything. It only proves that we still don’t get that we all form a living entity. All of us. Life.

I love the imagery of analogies and one of my long time favourites compares humanity to a big blanket. A single stitch does not make a blanket and a blanket is much more that a few stitches. If one stitch on one side of the blanket revolts against a stich on the other side, they are still part of the same blanket whether they like it or not. The blanket exists because of its woven fabric. It can only move if all of its stiches move in unison. We have to work together if we want to get anywhere. We form a living organism progressing as one.

This type of campaign saddens me; I feel the need to do something but feel powerless. The only way forward is to find solutions. We certainly would have already found intelligent and creative answers to our problems if we had put life at the top of our list of priorities. Are we able to change this?

On a small scale, it means to act in a conscious and loving manner towards one another every day. Even if we don’t recognize each stitch that passes us by on the street (maybe because it belongs to the other end of the blanket), we are still part of the same fabric.

The Seekers

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