Society teaches us how to mould ourselves in boxes of predetermined shapes. Although indifferent to this in childhood, and rebellious as teenagers, with age we learn to fit in a given box somewhat comfortably. Such is life! No harm done unless we never venture out of our pigeonhole. If we remain stuck there, our spirit shrinks, and that can be a serious problem. Fact is we live in symbiosis with the world and this relationship is between our inner self and the world. I think of our inner self as a muscle. And undeniably, to stay in shape, a muscle needs exercise.

To retain form and freshness, we need to take care of ourselves, inside and out. So what then of our spirit, our inner self? The longer we stay stagnant within ourself, the less we can see outward. We need to be able to imagine ourself as something else, someone else, doing something different, out of the ordinary. Imagine it, and then do it. This faculty is too easily lost. 

Look around; is there really only one reality? You can be in the same time and space as someone else, but are you actually living the same thing in the same way? Of course not, it is physically impossible for two different people – bodies, personalities, backgrounds – to express themselves as one being. 

The world is so big, why remain confined? Beyond the physical, our spirit needs to grow. Training the imagination is much like training the body. Take the time to flex you imagination, testing the limits of your mind. You can open doors. Never allow your spirit to be confined within a framework. Your body has physical limitations, but your spirit can soar and reinvent itself. 

One of my colleagues was conducting job interviews and had an interesting question to pose applicants that I had the pleasure to witness. She asked them: “If I gave you $100,000 and one year of freedom from work, what would you do?” The answers were quite revealing: their real interest surfaced and it rarely had anything to do with the job offered. Moreover, there were no negative answers. It is unusual for people to have the desire to do bad things, mostly, they want to do good. Maybe they are discovering their true purpose. Maybe this is a way to connect with our outlook and our fingerprint on life. Carrying through with a vision – the one that is ours and like no other – bridging our inner self and our outer world is the best thing that we can do for ourself, and for the world. A unique gift for all that is living because life is a unique gift.

What would the world be like if Einstein, Tesla, Mozart, Newton, Galileo, Jung, Hawking, Nicole Gratton, Eckart Tolle had not revealed themselves, had not resisted labels and pigeonholes? It’s not about resisting just for the sake of being rebellious. No, it’s more precise than that; it’s about listening to your true self, your essence. It’s about hitting the right notes, being in harmony. It’s about hearing and having the courage to listen to the key of life. It can be difficult and trying; it requires courage and perseverance but the results are well worth it. The process is not material; it is one of action and inaction. Your voice, your way like many things is a multilayered process that can, at first light seem complicated. Just listen. Let go of superfluous noise; empty your mind in order to fill it with pure essence.

Dear Seekers, who are you? What do you bring? What is your purpose? What makes you dream and sing? What uplifts you when you are down?

Don’t fall prey to addiction. It can lure us in by providing a momentary feeling of control. You need to rely on your own ability to adapt to your world that includes your baggage of experiences. Do not use a crutch that will ease your pain but blind you to your own unique and true vision. Addiction has many faces – gambling, drugs, alcohol, smart devices, television, and shopping, even emotional addictions. None of it is part of your true essence. Addictions are artifices that offer a Band-Aid solution to everyday problems. Listen to your true self, the one that lights up your eyes and your heart, that vibrates within.

Dear Seekers, I hope you connect with your unique inner voice.

The Seeker

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